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Thursday, September 3rd, 2020

Make It Lamb

Low mood? Out of Shape? Bland food?

Try this. Mouth-watering grass-fed lamb is a quick way to anyone’s heart

The past few months…nay…the past few weeks…have been hectic with so many changes. Each week has been drastically different from the week before. There’s been a lot to get us down. But you must’ve heard the saying,
“The quickest way to someone’s heart is through the stomach“

Why not experiment with this, for your other half or your kids. Some will definitely be dreading going back to school. Lamb is tasty with a beautiful intrinsic taste. Simple herbs and spices only bring out the taste even more. Browse and subscribe to our YouTube channel for some lamb-tastic inspiration!

Lamb Hits You in the Chops! Lamb Recipe Videos
Cook along with Food Vloggers! Food Blogger Recipes
Sticky Maple-Glazed Lamb Chops
Sticky Maple-Glazed Lamb Chops
Lamb Leg Steaks in a Herb Marinade
Lamb Leg Steaks in a Herb Marinade
Lamb Satay Skewers
Lamb Satay Skewers
Pulled Lamb Wrap
Pulled Lamb Wrap
Spiced Shredded Lamb
Spiced Shredded Lamb

Now you’ve found the recipe, we’ll supply the lamb! Shop online here

Need some more reasons to try lamb? How about these?

1. Lamb is naturally rich in protein, which helps muscle growth and supports muscle mass. We all need this, especially children.
2. Grass-fed lamb is high in Omega 3. Some even call it the land salmon.
3. Lamb provides five essential vitamins and minerals that support better cognitive function and helps the immune system to work normally… After the crazy past few months, this is surely needed.

Lamb Protein
Lamb is naturally rich in Protein
Lamb Health Sodium
Lamb is naturally low in Sodium. Reducing consumption of sodium supports normal blood pressure.
Health Lamb reduces Fatigue
Lamb provides 4 essential vitamins that help to reduce tiredness and fatigue

Still not convinced? This may persuade you.

1. More than any other protein British lamb is reared outdoors on a natural free-range grass-based system. The animals love it!
2. September is prime time for lamb foodies – it’s in peak season, with plenty of numbers, and at it’s very best!
3. British lamb is incredibly sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

Sustainable lamb
Our weather and landscape makes the UK one of the most sustainable places to produce lamb
70% land sheep
70% of British Sheep Live on land we can’t grow crops on, like mountains and hills
sheep water
97% of water sheep drink falls from the sky

Now you see why we love lamb? It’s good for the body, good for the environment and good for the animal.

Now it’s up to you to spoil your taste buds, get that beach body and do your bit for the environment.

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