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No Compromise on Quality & Service

Our Values

Euro quality lambs is a family business that has built itself around a group of core values in how we operate and how we do business.

Having started from humble beginnings way back in 1992, we’ve grown substantially over the years and in addition to securing our 108-acre Newington Farm, we now employ over 90 colleagues to operate our specialist facilities that are capable of processing up to 25,000 carcasses in a single week.

Trust and integrity are incredibly important to us and form the bedrock of how we deal with our customers and our farming suppliers. That’s why we always do things the right way and never the cheap way.

The care and welfare of our animals and those of our suppliers remain of the utmost importance and ensuring our animals live happy, healthy and natural lives is a priority. By treating our lambs respectfully, we are not only doing what we believe is morally right but ultimately ensuring that the meat we provide to customers is of the best possible flavour, texture and overall quality.

Community engagement is also invaluable to us and, alongside encouraging volunteering opportunities amongst our colleagues, we are very pleased and grateful to support local initiatives through our corporate foundation.

We’re proud of our growth, but we’re even prouder that we can sincerely say we’ve achieved it by adopting an approach that is completely customer and value chain focused.