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No Compromise on Quality & Service


With 100% natural products and fashionable styles to suit every preference, it’s easier than ever to love your skin.

We believe in delivering only the highest quality of products & sustainability is always kept at the forefront of our minds. Working closely with our specialist skin contractor we supply premium 100% natural, British sheepskin products to customers around the world.

We supply New Season British sheepskin, lambskin, double-faced, fellmongering, run selection and large or small sized skins, with each piece produced with care and tailored to meet your personal requirements.

Unlike many suppliers, we don’t believe in selling ‘cut and shut’ style skins made from several different pieces of sheepskin, especially at top-end prices. All of our products are made using well looked-after, whole skins that are of the utmost quality.

We can also work with a local organic tanner to produce organic sheepskins, perfect for new-born baby rugs!