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About Us

Our business and core values

Welcome to euro quality lambs

Based in the heart of shropshire’s rich, green landscape, euro quality lambs is a supplier of quality british lamb and sheep carcasses throughout europe and the uk.

Our specialist facilities mean we’re capable of processing 25,000 carcasses in a single week.

Having started out from humble beginnings, our family-owned business has quickly grown a positive reputation by always putting our customers first. Our immediate team now consists of over 100 colleagues, with almost double that figure working with us indirectly through local dependant contractors and agents.

We’ve structured our business around a clear set of core values and strict quality-control processes, enabling us to provide fresh, British lamb of unrivaled quality and phenomenal taste.

Today, we’ve developed long-standing trade relationships with customers in UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Portugal among others, and we’re proud to be providing different communities across the continent with the best of British lamb.