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No Compromise on Quality & Service


Natural. assured. delicious. find out what makes us the leading provider of the finest british lamb below.

At Euro Quality Lambs, we’re 100% committed to providing delicious British lamb that’s fit to grace every dining table in the UK and beyond, and that means leaving nothing to chance. We don’t just meet the highest industry standards – we exceed them – both with our products and our facilities.

In fact, Euro Quality Lambs are Red Tractor approved and fully-regulated by BRCGS.

We’re also big supporters of all things Organic. After all, our scenic surroundings are the biggest reminder that, naturally, nothing compares to nature.

Quality ethos

We understand that the strongest relationships are built on trust and transparency. For this reason, we’ve spent a lot of time scrutinizing every step of the processes and procedures that we have in place. We’ve done this because we don’t just want to bring you the best tasting, highest-quality lamb on the market, but we want to do it ethically in a way that respects our animals and benefits our communities.

The hard work we’ve put into making sure our operational procedures reflect our way of thinking is backed up by the below accreditations, giving you the extra-assurance and peace of mind you need when making your food choices.


Red tractor

Red Tractor is the largest food standards scheme in the UK. Like EQL, the good people at Red Tractor understand that trust is a must and have cemented animal welfare, food safety and environmental protection firmly at the centre of their work.

Traceability is of the utmost importance. The Red Tractor logo indicates that every step of your food’s journey from farm to fork has been carried out carefully and responsibly, with Red Tractor’s core principles kept in mind at all times.

Operational checks are also carried out by independent experts on a regular basis to make sure that the highest quality standards are not only met but maintained.

You can read about Red Tractor’s Lamb Standards in full by clicking here.


BRCGS factory standards

From our dedicated team and partners to our valued customers; we prioritise the safety of the people who make our business tick over everything else.

Our factory is fully-regulated by BRCGS; a leading consumer protection organisation used by over 26,000 certificated suppliers over 130 countries, with certification issued through a global network of accredited certification bodies.

BRCGS have strict regulations in place that guarantee the standardisation of quality, safety and operational criteria and ensure that manufacturers fulfil their legal obligations and provide protection for the end consumer.

The body possesses expertise in food safety, storage & distribution, packaging and many other areas; so you can be confident that any business regulated by BRCGS has passed scrupulous safety checks in all areas.

You can learn more about BRCGS and their criteria and regulations at



We can supply Organic certified lambs in accordance to our customers’ needs. Set against Shropshire’s rolling hills and rich green pastures, every day our location reminds us that nothing compares to nature; a philosophy that we apply to our food too.