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No Compromise on Quality & Service

Sustainable Processing

Our commitment to responsible farming and slaughter goes well beyond respecting our animals and the green pastures that we’re lucky to call an extension of our office.

Every year, we make screening our entire business and streamlining our processes a priority with the simple aim of becoming more environmentally friendly and energy efficient and slashing our CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions.

By installing eco-friendly solar panels and LED lighting across our facilities, we’ve been able to dramatically reduce our electrical production.

We also recognise the importance of protecting our local rivers and streams by means of effective of wastewater management. Euro Quality Lambs has worked closely with waste management experts, Siltbuster Process Solutions, to implement an environmentally friendly strategy for waste-water treatment and are looking to invest further in the water treatment process.

We recently upgraded our waste-water management facilities in the form of Siltbuster’s established D50 Dissolved Air Flotation treatment system, to account for increased demand. DAF units create ‘white-water’ by dissolving air under pressure and then releasing it to form micro fine air bubbles. The solids attach themselves to the air bubbles which rise to the surface. The solids are thickened by natural de-watering and removed by means of a mechanical scraper.

Sure, we’ve invested plenty of time and effort into doing this, but the potential return on that investment is far more valuable to all.