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No Compromise on Quality & Service


We’re passionate about what we do and we pride ourselves on producing british lamb products of unrivaled quality for butchers and wholesalers.


Whether you’re a butcher, caterer, wholesaler or importer we have the right lamb, mutton, goat or calf products for you!

In addition to traditional lamb products, our extensive range includes offal, casings and skins.

Traceability is important to us and you’ll find our seal of quality approval on every single one of our products in the form of our UK identifier, which is GB 4451.

GB 4451 brown mark

This unique identification number belongs solely to Euro Quality Lambs and indicates quality, ethically-produced lamb that you can trust.

We supply wholesale or retail. Our motto says it all ‘No Compromise on Quality & Service’.

We have been recognised by many awards and accolades. Check out just one of our winners article featured here!


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Goat & Veal

In addition to lamb we are also approved to process goat and veal. Veal is the meat of a calf, usually from the dairy herd, in contrast to beef which is from older cattle. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.