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Halal lamb online

Find your nearest butcher supplying EQL lamb from the largest Muslim-owned lamb abattoir in Europe here.

When it comes to the values of our customers we respect them, we share them and most importantly we live them.

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As the largest Muslim-owned lamb abattoir in Europe, we supply Halal lamb all over Europe and we’re proud of our Muslim heritage.

For us, Halal meat is far more than a label or a set of rules and regulations – it means striving to deliver excellence in all things, applying ourselves in everything we do and always aspiring to do things the right way.

We’re proud to supply quality Halal meat to customers via their local butcher. Sign-up to find your nearest butcher supplying EQL lamb here.

As a Halal slaughterhouse we are a lamb supplier to Halal butchers and wholesalers so get in touch if you want to make a trade enquiry.

We have Shariah advisors who provide us with the specialist guidance and knowledge needed to offer the best standards in Halal. Their advice goes much further and plays an important role in ensuring we are shariah-based in all aspects of our business (riba-free, zakah-giving, salah-facilities). We also have a Muslim vet and meat scientists to ensure animals are looked after in the best possible way and the meat is of the highest quality. Animal welfare is an important part of Islam and one we take seriously.

Ultimately, we don’t want to meet the requirements of our faith; we want to embrace them and surpass them, and in doing so we hope to inspire others around us.

Euro Quality Lambs is privileged to attend many Muslim consumer events taking place each year like the London Halal Food Festival. Why not come and meet us there!

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