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New book released as halal market booms

Thursday, March 26th, 2020

Our dear friend and Halal expert, Dr Awal Fuseini, has just published his book, Halal Meat Production and Market Opportunities. Dr Fuseini has spent many years studying about food production and working in the industry, from the time he was in Ghana studying agriculture at Cape Coast University to when he was researching Animal welfare for his PhD from Bristol University. He then spent many years working in the Halal sector until he landed his current role as the Halal Sector Manager at the UK’s Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB).

The Halal sector is one of the fastest-growing segments of the meat industry due to rapid expansion in Muslim population globally, and the fact that on average Muslims consume more meat than the rest of the population. This has resulted in a scramble for a share of the Halal market by the mainstream retail multiples and independent butchers.

Dr Fuseini’s research took him all over the world, from the villages in Ghana to the markets of Dubai to the developed nations of Europe. The book explores the importance of halal, the market and the Islamic guidelines on halal meat production and animal welfare.

Our managing director, Rizvan Khalid, was pleased to be one of the experts who were asked to contribute to the book (page 25). Khalid was asked regarding his expertise in running an abattoir. Afterall, EQL is the largest Muslim owned lamb abattoir in Europe. EQL’s founder & CEO remarked, “for our managing director to be asked to contribute to this fantastic work is a testimony to the knowledge and expertise of our staff.”

Dr Fuseini explores halal from the theological perspective, the direction of the market and its growth. He also explores the processing, technological advancements, and differences of opinion among Muslims in regards to Halal.

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Bibliographic details

TITLE: Halal Meat Production and Market Opportunities
SUBTITLE: A 21st Century Guide to the Halal market
AUTHOR: Dr Awal Fuseini
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To purchase follow this link:

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