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Feast this Summer with Easy Lamb BBQ recipes

Friday, July 28th, 2023

Lamb Leg BBQ recipe

With summer well underway and #LoveLambWeek coming up, barbecues are a must for you and your family. The EQL team have put together a selection of mouth-watering lamb bbq recipes to try out!


Let’s explore our options…

Why not start off with a prime leg cut of lamb:

The leg cut is one of the best for barbecues, (butterflied ones in particular)

Try this recipe for a BUTTERFLIED LAMB LEG:

Be adventurous with your barbecue! Grab a few skewers and try dicing up some of your lamb.

Simply marinate your meat and thread it onto skewers to make a tasty kebab.

For some extra taste, add some garlic seasoning or even load up some fries for the full barbecue experience!

Here’s a recipe for LAMB SKEWERS:


Next, we’ll have a look at some breast meat.

The breast cut of lamb is full of flavour and tenderness.

Cooking some ribs is always an option with these cuts!

BBQ lamb ribs recipe

Here’s a recipe for some scrumptious BBQ LAMB RIBS:

With ribs, you know you’re in for a treat, you can never go wrong.

In Australia, lamb ribs are a popular meal, and barbecues are common. So this one’s for everyone.


Definitely try out some lamb chops on your summer barbecue, they never go wrong.

Coming from the loin of the lamb, these succulent chops are always a pleasure. With the right side to go with it, that’s dinner sorted!

BBQ lamb chops recipe

Take a look at this recipe for some LAMB CHOPS:


Now, we have a shoulder cut.

Less lean than the leg, however just as tasty.

The shoulder cut is worth grilling on the barbecue if you’re looking to wow the family.

With the right seasoning and ample time on the grill, your summer night dinner is sorted!

Fancy some grilled shoulder meat?

Shoulder of lamb bbq recipe

This video will show you how to cook the perfect LAMB SHOULDER on your barbecue:

It’s the perfect summer meal for you and the family!


You can never go wrong with a spicy, flavour-filled, gourmet lamb burger fresh off the barbecue.

Some prime shoulder meat should do the job!

BBQ lamb burgers recipe

This video should help you prepare your LAMB BURGER:

Looking for more recipe ideas?

Check out EQL’s recipe page to fulfil your lamb-loving summer!

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