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The launch of the British Halal Charter

Friday, January 20th, 2023

The principles of halal production are prescribed; yet interpreted differently and at times inaccurately. This has caused growing confusion among manufacturers to supply halal food that is authentic and widely accepted by consumers. Furthermore, the inconsistent application of halal slaughter principles has become a trade barrier for UK exporters. Evidently, this does not help domestic trade either.

Undoubtedly, there has been a need for harmony and consistency in applying halal slaughter criteria both for UK domestic halal trade and for halal exports. Consequently, some industry professionals and halal stakeholders came forward and proposed a set of principles for halal production in the UK. After many deliberations and discussions, such principles were codified to become the ‘British Halal Charter’.

EQL is pleased and delighted to be part of this collaborative effort. Collaboration is what will bring baraka to the halal market. We are proud to be a founding signatory of the British Halal Charter. EQL already operates in line with the principles of the charter and what it advocates for. Please visit to learn more about our halal philosophy and offerings.

British Halal Charter


When one looks at halal, the principles are straightforward, however, their interpretation and implementation may be inconsistent, thus leading to a dilution and lack of confidence in halal and what it represents. The British Halal Charter was created by a group of British Muslim experts in the UK halal sector where the basic principles of halal were discussed in greater detail and a consensus was reached to help eliminate any confusion with a view to protecting halal for present and future generations.

By signing up to the British Halal Charter you/your organisation commits to upholding the principles of halal and their implementation in your organisation/operation and manufacture of products so that the customer can have confidence in what you offer and thus help to eliminate the dilution of halal by rogue elements.

British Halal Charter Principles

  • Only source, process & handle halal products
  • All animals must be permissible & reared to high welfare standards
  • All animals to be alive & healthy at the point of slaughter
  • All slaughtering is to be carried out by hand, by a Muslim
  • The animals are to be slaughtered with a swift incision to the throat with a sharp blade by a Muslim mentioning the Tasmiyah (In the name of God, God is great)
  • Any flowing blood from the carcass is completely drained
  • All slaughter men are highly trained to carry out slaughter under high welfare conditions
  • Independently certified by reputable and accredited halal certification bodies
  • Must have a halal policy with a designated halal officer

Current signatories to the Charter

(regularly updated)

  • Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC)
  • Euro Quality Lambs
  • Shazan Foods Ltd
  • Dr Awal Fuseini
  • Saqib Mohammed
  • Halal Kitchen Ltd (Express Cuisine)
  • Gafoor Pure Halal Ltd
  • Enterprise4all (North West) Ltd

If you or your organisaton wish to sign up to this Charter, please email us at We will put you in touch with personnel responsible who will take you through the process.

EQL is also a founding member of Halal Food Information Centre (HFIC UK) that aims to defend, protect and advance halal in the UK.

We encourage UK consumers and wider halal stakeholders to support such initiatives and help us promote the British Halal Charter.

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