Order your Aqiqa

Please place your order in good time so we can procure, sort and manage the livestock accordingly on your behalf.

Remember this is sadaqa for your baby so offer the best you can afford for Allah swt.

Aqiqa requirements are similar to Qurbani so please read our Qurbani FAQs and Fiqh pages to help you select the best option.

If you have any further enquiries don’t hesitate to contact us at aqiqa@euroqualitylambs.co.uk or  WhatsApp 07539 586612.

Please make payment online to our Al-Rayan riba-free bank account prior to your Aqiqa being performed (please note: bank transfers over the weekend are not processed until the next working day)

Note: Niche options such as Organic Lamb/Sheep or Goat may be available but are limited in supply so must be sourced in advance. Please email or whatsapp us many months in advance if you are interested in having one of these sourced. We have to source these on a trailer basis, i.e. 20-30 animals at a time, so may be able to group it with other orders.