Make your Aqiqa even more memorable with Euro Quality Lambs.

Aqiqa is a traditional offering made by Muslim parents when a child is born. This is made as an act of gratitude to God, in a similar way to Qurbani. Traditionally two animals are sacrificed for a boy and one for a girl but of course there are no limits to however many you do! Of this, a third is kept by the family, a further third is shared amongst family and friends with the final third being donated to disadvantaged communities.

A fundamental part of Aqiqa is appreciating that all life is blessed, and we should be thankful. This is reflected by supporting the less-fortunate as part of Aqiqa. In addition to the donation of food, the child’s hair is also shaved, with its weight donated in gold or silver to the deserving through charities like the National Zakat Foundation (

Euro Quality Lambs offers bespoke lamb and sheep Aqiqa that are meticously sourced and prepared onsite at our Shropshire location. In keeping with tradition, your Aqiqa can be processed on the day on which your child is born. If your child is born on a Monday, the Aqiqa will be performed on the first Monday after receiving your order (please note for children born on a weekend the Aqiqa will be be performed on the closest working day).

Lamb’s rich taste and tenderness mean that it is perfect to entertain the family and welcome the new-born in style! Our Full Lamb Meat Boxes are hand-packaged with care and are perfect for Aqiqas as mouth-watering as they are memorable.

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On the birth of a baby

  • Perform Adhaan (call to prayer) quietly in the baby’s ear and Iqama in the other
  • Provide Tahneek in the baby’s mouth (usually with a date)
  • Chose a thoughtful name with a good meaning for the baby (sunnah 7 days)
  • Shave its hair and give its weight in gold or silver to the poor (sunnah 7 days or subsequent day of birth)
  • Perform Khatna (circumcision) for a boy (sunnah 7 days or subsequent day of birth)
  • Offer the best Aqiqa (minimum one for a girl, two for a boy) and share with friends & family (sunnah 7 days or subsequent day of birth)

My Aqiqa Checklist

  • Arrange a dawat at your home or local Masjid
  • Invite family & friends
  • Order your bespoke Lamb Aqiqa Meat Box from Euro Quality Lambs
  • Donate the Aqiqa skin value and the weight of your baby’s hair in gold or silver to the National Zakat Foundation
  • Set up your child’s first Halal bank account with Al-Rayan Bank PLC
  • Enjoy the dawat and blessings with your family & wider community